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Since 2013 we have build a wide range of street food service "trucks". 
With an Ape 50 as a base, you get an attracting, charming and compact business with easy mobility as one of the key points.
Recently we made our first king-size model, based on a Piaggio Ape Classic 400, which gives a larger space for your street business, a bigger range and better product capacity! 

TMP, Thomas Møller Pedersen Aps

TMP is founded as a family business, whose address is at the island, Mors.
TMP first started in the 80s, when Thomas Møller Pedersen was a motorcycle racer on the European racetracks. He financed his racing activities by selling spare parts on the track, and eventually his name became well-known among the drivers and the producers. Through this network, it became possible to launch agencies on some of the best-known quality products and the business expanded rapidly.


In 1988, new business premises were built on the outskirts of Nykøbing Mors, and in 1999, the company relocated to larger domicile. At that time, TMP was the importer of Aprilia and Moto Guzzi in Scandinavia, the company had grown to over 30 employees, who serviced a retail network of over 150 dealers.
In 2006, the old company was divested and the new owners changed the company's name.
In 2007, TMP started again, this time focusing on internet trade with spare parts and accessories for motocycles and scooters, as well as trading of export vehicles to other European countries, as well as far east.
The business has developed positively despite the creaking crisis.
Margit (wife) and Michael (son) participate in the company and several employees have arrived.

Michael continues the racing tradition, where Thomas stopped and holds flag high on the racetracks.

On the accessories and spare parts side, the TMP agency has attractive quality products, such as Brembo, Bitubo, AFAM, Arrow, Marchesini and many others, sold to private customers as well as retailers.

Since 2010, TMP has been importer in Scandinavia of Piaggio Commercial vehicles and has built up a dealers network of 70 dealers in Denmark and is growing in Sweden as well.
From Piaggio Commercial comes the small, well-known, 3-wheeled APE vehicles and the newer Porter cars.
Especially the small APE 50 has been very popular on the markets, and from spring 2013 we have been focusing heavily on Special Outfit for a wide variety of street food services.